Tips & Tricks

It is stongly recommended to check out our Beginners Guide if you are new to painting with paint by number kits. It should prevent you from making mistakes that can affect your painting experience. You won't regret it!

When it’s wrinkled

It can be very exciting to look forward to starting on your brand new DIY paint by numbers kit. However, your enthusiasm to start can be hindered if you find your canvas is wrinkled.

Wrinkling can sometimes occur where the canvas has been packed in a roll. Before you make a start on your new artwork, you should ensure your canvas is wrinkle-free. If you need to remove any wrinkles from your canvas, then here is how to safely do this:


Your paint by numbers canvas is a high-quality material. Just like clothing, canvases are made from cotton, linen or polyester and can be ironed. You need to be careful not to set the iron on a high heat though – keep it on a mid-range heat setting. You should lay your canvas face down onto a thick towel and mist the back of the canvas lightly with water from a fine spray bottle. You just need to dampen the fabric rather than soak it. Gently iron over the surface, keeping the iron moving, and your canvas will be wrinkle-free within seconds.


If you are a bit nervous about ironing your canvas, then you can try stretching and rolling the wrinkles out. You can do this by placing your canvas face down onto a clean flat surface and mist the back of the canvas lightly with water. Gently start to stretch the canvas out to remove the wrinkles by hand, or roll them out by using a clean rolling pin to roll the canvas flat, applying a gentle pressure as you go. As the canvas dries out, the wrinkles should disappear.

Easy Painting

It can be quite exhausting to constantly bend over your painting to get to that tiny spot on top of your canvas. It can cause back and neck complaints. It would also be a shame if your clothing get caught up into the wet paint when bending over. That's why we recommend to let your painting rest on an easel. You can get one here. This will make the painting process a whole lot easier and it will improve your painting experience! Your painting must be framed in order to let it rest on the easel. Get one here.

Taking care of your Lovely Painting kit

You will have everything you need within your kit to produce a wonderful painting. Here are some handy tips about caring for your brushes and getting the best out of your kit.

  • The acrylic paints used will dry quickly. Remember to close the paint pot lids after use to prevent the paint from drying out.
  • Made a mistake? If you use the wrong colour, let it dry completely. You can then paint over the area with the right colour paint.
  • Clean your paint brushes thoroughly before using a different colour. Wash your brushes at the end of the day with clean water so you can carry on using them the next day.
  • Don't forget to sign your work! Remember that this is your creation, so it deserves your signature.

Frame it!

Your lovely paint by numbers kit is not only great fun to create, it also makes a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. Why not choose a beautiful frame to complement your painting and either hang it up at home for all to admire, or give it as a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift? Get it here!